Efficacy: Primary Endpoint

Significant reduction in pain1,2

ADP score reduction for GRALISE was -2.1 vs -1.6 with placebo (P=0.013)2

Pain reduction as early as Week 11

Significant pain reduction vs placebo beginning Week 1 and continuing throughout 10-week study2

GRALISE vs placebo over 10 weeks2

STUDY DESIGN: Patients from 89 investigative sites participated in this randomized, double-blind, parallel design, placebo-controlled, multicenter clinical trial. The study period included a 1-week baseline period, followed by randomization and a 2-week titration to a once-daily dose of 1800 mg G-GR or matched placebo, followed by an 8-week maintenance-dose period, followed by a 1-week dose-tapering period. 452 patients were randomized, with 221 receiving 1800 mg of GRALISE and 231 receiving placebo.2

PRIMARY ENDPOINT: change in baseline observation carried forward (BOCF) average daily pain score from the baseline week to Week 10 of the efficacy treatment period.2

ADP=average daily pain.


Efficacy: Secondary Endpoint

GRALISE reduced pain by half in approximately 30% of PHN patients.2†

This was not considered statistically significant.2

Efficacy: Secondary Endpoint

More patients reported feeling “much” or “ very much” improved with GRALISE vs placebo2

Patient and Clinician Global Impression of Change (%)2

Efficacy: Secondary Endpoint

GRALISE provided a 43% reduction in sleep interference due to PHN pain vs 31% with placebo. Sleep interference was a secondary endpoint.2,3

This was not considered statistically significant.2